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iPod Nano (Código: )
Por 149,00$
Vendedor: Apple Inc.
Fabricante: Apple
Peso: 0 KGS
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Descrição do produto

Colour isn't the only brilliant new iPod Nano feature. For those about to rock, we give you nine amazing colours. But that’s only part of the story. Feel the curved, all-aluminum and glass design and you won’t want to put iPod nano down. The accelerometer comes to iPod nano. Give it a shake to shuffle your music. Turn it sideways to view Cover Flow. And play games designed with your moves in mind.

Meet a musical Genius.
With just a few clicks, the new Genius feature finds the songs on your iPod nano that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you.

Rock and roll over.
Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, you can rotate iPod nano to flip through album art with Cover Flow. Watch movies and TV shows in widescreen. And view photos in either portrait or landscape.

Shake to shuffle.
Just give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.

Curved ahead of the curve.
iPod nano now comes in nine vibrant colors and a new curved aluminum and glass design. The crisp, bright picture makes watching movies and TV shows amazing.

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